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Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Blue skies

A beautiful evening walk to Portchester Castle
 Along the coast opposite Portsmouth Harbour
 I love these grounds
 We were not alone, families and dog walkers
 A perfect way to start our evening
 Home, I do have a few flowers in the garden
Tomato, cucumber and French Marigold
Lemon grass and corriander
 Last year I planted potatoes in my raised bed in the greenhouse for Christmas dinner, nothing came up and I was disappointed. But look here, there are tiny leaves near the bottom of the photo, two are now growing, so we will have new potatoes, just later than expected. 
 I have enjoyed reading this book loaned to me by a friend
 When I gave it back to her this morning, these were given to me to read. 
I am in my greenhouse each evening, my seeds are doing well, the second lots of French Marigolds are coming through. I have yellow tomatoes, the red tomato seeds have not come through, and my herbs are coming along, I have basil in a tub again. I have two lovely cucumber plants, I hope to have both growing this year. I have found homes for both my peonies, I will take them to work on Friday and pass them on.
Our garden is full of wildlife, loads of birds, I love the dawn chorus each morning, a perfect way to wake up. We have a young Robin, who's patch is the top of our garden just at the end of our decking, we spend evenings watching and chuckling at it.  We have seen a few huge bumble bee's, they are making the most of the early flowers.  Last night we had a fox on our back lawn, hubby did chase it away, they can cause damage. I have also seen signs of hedgehog activity, but as yet we have not seen the hedgehogs.
I have found time to read, but I have not done any stitching, by the time I sit down in the evenings, I want to relax, so my book calls me.
Just keeping everything crossed the weather stays and we can enjoy more outside time.


  1. Your walk looks lovely, the fine weather sure does make a difference, especially the blue skies.

  2. I know exactly what you mean by the time you sit down on an evening. I need to remember not to give myself too much to do later on as sometimes I need an hour to myself before bed.
    Loving the seedlings/flowers and blue skies, makes me smile seeing them :)

  3. How lovely to be walking along that route after a days work.
    We have blackbirds nesting in our tree, they are twittering away very early in the mornings.

  4. What a wonderful place to take a walk under such a beautiful blue sky.

  5. Such beautiful blue skies, they really brighten the spirit. How lovely to see the potatoes popping up, perhaps it was just too cold over the winter and now the weather is warming up they have decided to grow? Xxx

  6. The recent blue skies have been such a bonus... and your photos of the castle in the evening light are lovely. Jx

  7. What a lovely walk that is! The garden is looking nice too.



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