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Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Positive month

Another month over, how quickly did January go by.
I have been very good with my spending, this year to match the budget to the same as last year I have an average of £70.89 to spend each month, I came in well under this amount, so already I'm up £30.72.
My 2nd Amaryllis is getting tall
double in height in two weeks
plus a second bud. 
 What to read in January, Christmas themed books
both easy reads and very enjoyable.
 The Witness is a new author to me, I really enjoyed this read
Another easy to read Carole Matthews book
It's a busy time in our household, hubby is decorating our 3rd spare bedroom, which we use for our office, every thing was removed, he has painted walls and ceiling, glossed all the skirting boards, window and has the door frames and door to do. He is laying new laminate flooring, which is about a third done. Our walls have gone from white to pale green and the floor is a dark oak. He will finish by the weekend and I have loads to put back in, and loads which I will get rid of, it will look good once it is finished.
January has whizzed by, I have spent alot of time reading in the evenings, I still have some more knitting to do, but I did not craft at all. I always find January a tiring month, going to and from work in the dark, plus everywhere so cold.
So snug warm evenings and weekends are the norm here. 
This week it has been much lighter evenings when we leave work at 5pm, we have huge amounts of rain due over the next few days, so our plan is to be inside.
We have been eating from the freezer, and should be able to keep going through out February, the only meat we should purchase will be chicken breast, we are not at the point where we just have all the stranger items left. It will be nice to sort the freezers, we have 2 small ones, and replace things to match our changing taste.
We have had loads of soups, hubby made ham and pea last night, which I had for my lunch today, with a nice slice of bread. We have not ate any processed food, even the ham in the soup was home cooked gammon.
Our new Air fryer and coffee maker arrived, we have used both, cooking a roast gammon, roast potatoes on Sunday, quick and easy to use, and very easy to clean. It's going to be much cheaper than using the big oven.
We have picked up some great bargains for our cleaning products, and have a full store cupboard. plus I have stocked up on toiletries for both of us.
We have avoided the local sales, I did buy one pair of boots and slippers, but at a great price and hubby got a couple pair of jeans.
Hubby has sorted my car insurance changing supplier and has saved me over £200 on my renewal cost, my policy went up by over £100, he is enjoying the shopping around.
So a positive start to 2017, but baby Bill our youngest grandson has not made an appearance, he is due on Saturday, so we are in a state of excitement.


  1. Well done on the spending, we have been more or less living out of the freezer too, amazing what you don't have to buy, lol

    My Amaryllis has shot up too in the last week, no flower yet but i have 2 stems, i measured the tallest tonight and it's 27 inches!!! the other stem is only lagging behind by a little bit.

    Exciting waiting for your new grandson :-) Do tell us when he decides to put in an appearance :-)

  2. You are doing great with both your budget and your eating! Good for you both! I can just imagine how excited you are about the baby!!

  3. Our air fryer and coffee machine are probably the most well used of all our small kitchen appliances. I don't drink coffee but I bought Mick the Tassimo machine one Christmas and it gets used every day, he loves it. Exciting times waiting for the birth of your grandson.

  4. January has been a low spend month here on the household stuff, but a high spend month on farm equipment and animal shelters, good luck with new arrival I hope he arrives soon

  5. Well done on the saving this month.
    I've read "With Love at Christmas" - very enjoyable, made me smile, just like a normal family, so much going on and not always in the right direction.
    Enjoy your weekend, I hope your new grandson makes a safe journey into the world healthily.

  6. Great on your budget :) Well done.
    We're also growing an amaryllis that's doubled in height too. I think they grow in front of our eyes!
    You're right about January being a tiring month. Almost there, spring isn't far off.

  7. I hope the baby appears on time and that all is well!



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