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Saturday, 4 February 2017

Just sorting

Another book to read, this is the first of two about the same family
book two With love at Christmas, I have already read
 I am fascinated with the buds on Amaryllis, 
they look so strange and beautiful 
 Tulips in my water beads
Another Orchid and new growth on my fir tree
 Orchids in our sitting room
My Hyacinth with no height, I don't have a dark airing cupboard to start these in
so next year I will buy one already growing
Our house is a mess, hubby has finished decorating the office and laid the new flooring, most of the furniture is back in, now I'm having a sort out. Our spare bedroom has things everywhere, plus the hall by the front door is also a temporary sort out area. I am spreading things out and choosing what comes back in here. I have loads of crafting drawers to store everything in, and I am aware I have loads of drawers I never open, should I work my way through them and dump stuff, or do I leave them as they do look tidy and hope one day I will use things again, normally I would sort and pass on, but I have retirement in a few years and hopefully plenty of time to do and make things. Once it's all completed I will show a photo.
All I have done this week is read, I have picked up the cold bug going around, and it's on my chest, so after work (I still go as the bug came from the office), a comfortable chair and book is a perfect way to finish the day.
Wednesday we saw daughter and SIL, it's her due date today, but baby Bill is staying put for a bit longer, we will see her tomorrow if I am feeling better.
Thursday evening I went to Deans Diner with Josh and Sam, the boys love it there, and I prefer to buy them burger there than any other burger chain. Sam was as cute as ever, doing a seat dance and waving at the ladies walking by. Josh told me he is doing his 1st park run with his mum this morning, I just checked and he managed 5k in 45mins.


  1. Sounds like you have your finances and pantry under control, which is great! The winter blues....cold...dark...cough/flu....seems normal, unfortunately. We've had the same thing. February should be a better month where the daylight is concerned. I heard we get three extra minutes a day. Not sure about where you live.
    I have an idea for your hyacinth bulbs. I buy the bulbs in the fall and put them in a brown paper sack in the crisper of my fridge (along with the lettuce and other veggies!) Leave them there for about six weeks. They think they've gone through winter underground. Then put them in a pot of soil or in a hyacinth vase with water. They'll grow. Good luck.


  2. All the flowers and plants are looking very good. I am doing sort out and getting rid of some things as we start packing for the May move to our apartment.

  3. You will be SO pleased with the end result after the chaos. I'm just about to enter the same phase!! Jx

  4. Redecorating is a pain but the results are great! Lucky you having time with the grand boys!

  5. I hate decorating, it seems like the whole house is in chaos for the sake of one room. Hope you're feeling better soon, the lurgy has certainly done its rounds this year, I think everyone's had it. I'm sure you'll be glad to get it out of the way now though before the baby arrives.

  6. So many people have had/still got this awful bug that's about, hope you soon feel much better.



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