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Tuesday, 14 February 2017

St Valentines Day

Hubby saw this and thought of me
 I normally get cut flowers (not roses) 
for Valentines Day
I was also given this scarf, I had seen it before in M&S
I do love the colours.
Dinner for two, and more flowers
Tonight, home from work, I entered into a candlelit home,
 warm and cosy, a chilled glass of Prosecco, 
I am married to a romantic, even after 35 years together.
Lovely meal into together, we are about to find a film to watch.

Going to see youngest daughter tomorrow evening, she will be in hospital on Thursday for inducement, so sometime soon we will meet our youngest grandson.

Hope your evening is as fun as ours. 


  1. What a gorgeous Orchid, I now have 3 and luckily I haven't killed them off yet.
    What a lovely welcome when you got home.
    Enjoy your evening.

  2. He's a keeper, your man! Beautiful orchids.

  3. What a thoughtful husband you have. Mine has come home gone in the bath and not a mention of valentines day, i'm sure he goes round with his eyes closed.

    Good luck to your daughter, not long now till you meet that special little person :-)

  4. Happy Valentines! I hope that all goes really well for your daughter and baby!

  5. Hope you enjoyed a lovely meal and that all goes well for your daughter and new little one.

  6. The orchid is lovely! You have a very sweet husband! You both must be getting very excited about the new grand child.

  7. Aww you are loved and cherished , just as you should be.

  8. I hope you had a lovely evening. What a beautiful Orchid. Lucky lady.
    It must be an exciting time waiting to meet your new Grandson. X

  9. You are married to a real romantic! I hope that everything your Grandson is soon here!! Jx

  10. Lovely Orchid, My nan used to grow them when she was alive and I always think they look beautiful

  11. What a romantic hubby you have, that orchid is so pretty, I like the striped petals. I hope everything went well yesterday and that you've now met the new addition to the family.



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