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Sunday, 22 January 2017

Add to the stash

A bit of retail therapy, but charity shop style
Just over a meter for £1.00
Perfect for my hexagons 
 My sister gifted me these 
She found the them on ebay as a huge job lots 
and passed me a meter of each colour
 Plus these fleecy baby blankets
Every colour than pale blue
 These bulbs are growing well,
not showing my hyacinth as it has not grown at all.
 We have had a quiet weekend at home, my sister and I popped to a local village with a craft/fabric shop, she required a zip and some thread, neither of which we could get. I was looking for fabrics for a baby cot quilt, which I could not find the shades I was searching for.
In the same village is a charity shop with a huge craft section, I love to poke about and some huge bargains can be found. My sister took home some great fabrics at bargain prices.
I have not a clue what I will use the fleecy baby blankets for, they are packed away as part of my fabric stash. The heavy dark cottons will be used for bags, and will work well with the lighter coloured heavy cottons already in my stash. I have added the £1 I spend on craft to my list.
I have started knitting the second baby jacket, this time in a dark blue, again I will knit the fronts and back together as one piece.  It is a simple design so it won't take long.
Our meal at our local pub was perfect, the food was wonderful, the service perfect, so The Cormorant at Portchester is now back on list of foodie pubs, and the plus it's in walking distance.
We popped to see youngest daughter this morning, who is about 2 weeks away from her due date, again she is blooming, it's just a matter of waiting to meet our youngest and 5th grandson, exciting times.
Hubby has ordered me 3 books from amazon, he gets free delivery, so they will be here tomorrow, all three are new to me authors, one is a recommendation from Amazon, using the history of books we have already purchased.
We watched the film, Girl on a Train, last night, it was as great as the book. I was a bit worried as the book is set in UK, and the film in USA, but the story line was quiet true to the book and a really good film.


  1. Nice goodies your sister bestowed upon you.... will be watching out for what you do with those.

  2. What great charity shop finds! Hope you enjoy using them.

  3. Even though you don't know what you'll do with the fleecy blankets, it's good to have them in stash because I'm sure they'll be very useful for something. I thought The Girl on the Train was okay but not as good as all the hype surrounding it, I didn't realise that they were setting the film in the USA, I'm glad it still works. You must be getting excited to meet your new grandson, not long to wait now.

  4. It's great one of your local charity shops has a craft section. Round here, the shops only want clothes and household stuff. A shame. Jx

  5. Wow Marlene...what fabulous finds. Can't wait to see what you make with your goodies. Debbie xx



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