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Sunday, 12 February 2017


The first set of buds are opening, so much promise
the second bud is almost as high
 Update with my indoor tulips
all the bulbs are growing well, the leaves are forming

 The hyacinths are coming along, still not alot of height
 I could not walk past these, down from £9
There were loads of gardeners picking these up. In all there was a choice of 10 different plants, and like others, I changed a couple of plants for one's I prefer to grow. One lady went off with two packs all filled with little holly plants. B&Q staff do not question people doing this. I want 3 of these plants for myself and I will get a nice pot and plant the rest for a birthday present for my sister, who has just recently done her garden. I have added the cost to my hobby stash list. 
I am really please with my inside flowering plants, it is important to me to have flowers at this time of the year, I can't wait to see the tulips bloom, if I grow them like this again, I would use glass beads on a vase and cover with water, the water beads don't show through enough.
We did not have settling snow yesterday, today is much the same, just dry, everywhere is so grey.
I have done some more knitting, I am doing the front 2 bands on the black cardi, and I have done some more on the main body of the blue cardi. I hope to get them finished this week.


  1. It's dull, dark, grey and miserable here, although there have been fluffy flakes of snow too.
    Your plants were a fabulous bargain.

  2. I always go right to the bargain plant section in B & Q some good finds.

  3. If I worked at ab& Q I'd say put them back to the cheeky beggars! Can't wait to see your knitting.

  4. The plants are a good bargain and it sounds like there's a good choice too. We were forecast snow over the weekend but it didn't settle, thank goodness.



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