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Sunday, 16 October 2016

Winter tidy

Hubby cut the grass, we have not had rain all week
everywhere is tidy for the coming colder months
We love our Magnolia tree
just waiting for those huge leaves to start dropping
From the back fruit beds doing well. 
The strawberries have done well since I put them in these huge tubs
I have a few berries going red. 
I have done all my flower pots, and gave them a good soaking, everywhere is still so green, the flower bed is a bit ropie but I still have some colour in the boarder.
We got our rain Saturday afternoon and over night on Sunday, not huge amounts but enough to help the dry ground.
I got my parcel from M&S, all three items fit and I like them, so I'm really pleased to save just over £100 on the items, I do love Per Una clothes they are well made, but I can't help but think their price tags are too high.
Our youngest daughter and her husband came for a lovely home cooked roast, with a home cooked rice pudding for dessert, we sat and chatted for a long time, it was lovely to catch up, she is blooming and has a beautiful baby bump. We sat inside and watched another heavy rain storm, all cosy, warm and dry.
I have sorted my fabric stash, I now have a few projects on the go, I have decided on the fabric for the boys bunting, I hope to cut the triangles tonight ready for sewing.
I also want to make a couple of bags, for myself and my sister, I saw the design on Pintrest, but again there is no pattern, so it's a cut and design as I go.
My daughter wants me to make her baby carry all bag, she chosen the fabric, now I need to design the bag, with loads of useful pockets and I will start on the patchwork for the cot, all lovely shades of blue.


  1. Your garden always looks neat and tidy, love your style.

  2. Your yard looks so nice. We had a wind storm so ours is covered with leaves.

  3. looks more like spring than Autumn, we had rain yesterday first in 2 weeks, it was much needed as the day temps have been good everything was drying out.

  4. Your garden is so neat and tidy, lovely.

    Sounds like you had a nice meal together, home made rice pudding sounds just the ticket.

  5. Your garden looks lovely and tidy. We've had quite a bit of rain just lately but our grass desperately needed cutting, Mick managed to get it done over the weekend so it's tidied things up again. I'm still waiting for my M&S parcel to be delivered. I agree, it's quite expensive at full price but not so bad when there's a sale on.

  6. Your garden is so pretty and very tidy! I spent the day yesterday raking up the leaves......though you would never know today, it looks like it had never been done!

  7. Your garden looks so very tidy Marlene, unlike ours that it covered in leaves at the moment and the heavy rain that's bearing down right now will stop them being collected again this afternoon.
    Sounds like you are going to be very busy with the sewing machine.

  8. Your beds are beautiful but your grass just amazes me . . so even and smooth.

  9. what a lovely garden, I would love a magnolia tree.



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