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Sunday, 30 October 2016

Ops I done it again

My favorite site had a sale on
so I have been naughty, but they were all a good price.
 Our Christmas cake is looking good
it has had it's first drink of Brandy
It's a dull morning here, soon we will be popping out, I do need new slippers, mine look terrible, defiantly seen better days, I only started wearing slippers in this house, we have wooden floors, which at this time of year don't suit walking about in bare feet.
As you can see from the photo's above we have been thinking about Christmas, I did design my Christmas cards, but the finished item was not as I wanted, so I am rethinking. I have not done my sewing, most of last week I really felt unwell, the lack of sleep leading my problems. My cough is much better and I am now sleeping for longer at nights.
Yesterday we got our camper van, it's a converted Mercedes sprinter white van, with hubby 6'2", we were going to require a larger interior, the conversion inside is good, but  a bit tired, but I can deal with that, firstly we are discarding all the contents of the cupboards, we have already seen the china we would like, the price of the van was less than our budget, so I have funds to replace items. It does have a tiny shower room, which we will use as a toilet, we just have to purchase a portaloo. We are talking about going away for 1 night soon just to test it out.
Last night we had a lovely meal with youngest daughter, her hubby and his parents, it's nice to get together, it is the last time for a while, as daughters MIL and FIL spend winter in the sun, lucky people, they will pop back in February when baby is born and then we will see them in April.


  1. I've always worn slippers but no matter how hard I try, I can't get the rest of the family to wear them. Mick has a pair which he wears first thing on a morning when he goes in the kitchen as we have a tiled floor, but other than that, he never puts them on. How exciting getting a camper van, there'll be no stopping you now, I can see lots of exciting adventures in your future.

  2. I'm a slipper wearer after a summer of flip flops.
    How lovely your camper was what you wanted and came home to live with you, wishing lots of happy adventures in her.

  3. Can't wait to read all about your camping adventures! I never used to wear slippers ever, but I can't bear cold toes anymore. I must be getting old! I'm writing my Christmas list today of who we buy for, I'm going to do it all online and get it delivered then I can just enjoy the run up with no stress like last year when I left it to the last minute!

  4. I just bought a pair of slippers, from a company called Nordvek, best slippers I've ever had in my life, super comfy and really well made



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