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Sunday, 23 October 2016

It's warm inside.

The juice and zest from these went in our dried fruit
left to soak all the juice up over night
Tomorrow we bake our Christmas cake
 I have been planning my next bag, it's for my patchwork stash
I saw something similar on Pintrest, but this is my design
With my small cutting board being the template for size.
 My Spanish plant is doing well in this tube, it has grown loads
It's looking more like a plant and less like a cutting. 
it's grown over 10cms since I first got it home
 My tiny spider plant is also huge
again it lives in our sunny office
 Just finished this brilliant book
 Next I will read Song of the Skylark
We had a lovely Chinese meal at our youngest daughter's on Friday evening, we also sat at their new table and chairs, loads of chatter. Just a lovely evening together.
It's been a weekend of home and inside, I got up yesterday with a  bad throat and cough which is going around, so we have stayed in the warmth, and I have pottered. Yesterday afternoon I caught up with loads of taped TV programs, watched the last Gardeners World for this year.
Today I did the citrus fruit for the dried fruit, I love the smell in our kitchen and tomorrow it will be full of spices, we are a bit late cooking our cake, but there is still plenty of time to ice and finish it.
I did enjoy the planning of my new bag, I have a few things to work out, and want to patchwork the outside cover, I have not done the bunting, the noise of the sewing machine would be a bit much for me at this time, once the headache and cold symptoms go I can get my machine out.
I did spend a few hours on my last years blog book, all the pages are now in the book and I have sized the photo's. All I now need to do is look at each page, tidy the lines, check spelling, but there are 248 pages, it's the biggest book so far, I did alot of post last year.
I am also going to pull out Torchon O Christmas tree, I have not stitched this since May, and time will be running out to get it done for this year.


  1. Sorry you're feeling under the weather, there's a lot of it going around at the moment. A weekend pottering is nice when you're feeling like that.

  2. I hope the cough/cold/headache don't linger on. The patchwork looks good, can't wait to see the finished bag.

  3. Thanks for the reminder I hadn't thought about the Christmas cake yet.

  4. A blog book, what a great idea. Your bag is looking good and I'm sorry if it was me who passed on the hurty throaty cough thingy. I can't get shot of the blimmin cough grrr

  5. I hope you feel much better soon. Looks like that Christmas cake will be tasty.

  6. looking forward to hearing how the christmas cake turns out, got to love a christmas cake

  7. Get well wishes, I hope you are on the mend now.
    A few ladies at my book group have read the Erica James and thoroughly enjoyed it, i'll be interested to see what you think. Rosanne Ley is a great author I do like her books, this one is on my Christmas list.



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