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Thursday, 13 October 2016

A letter and a parcel

Two nice items in one day
Letter from our boss, 2.5%pay rise 
back dated to May, in our pay tomorrow
An expected parcel from Dawn
 Dawn makes the most wonderful craft items in her beautiful cabin
 These are for bunting for two of our grandsons
perfectly made for me to finish and string together
 Plus an extra gift for Finn
A book cushion, I asked for Dawn to use the same fabric. 
 Up close
the most perfect words, just need to get a great book.
Today has been up and down, the morning was much the same, then the boss handed out our letters, we knew the pay rise was coming but 2.5% was more than we expected and to be told it's back dated for 6 months and in our salary tomorrow.
We were all called into a meeting our roles are changing, not by much, myself and Mel has changed for the better, I now deal with one of the top customers and all retail stores, and Mel takes all the smaller companies. The work is now balanced better and I am dealing with locations with lovely people. The other two ladies are not at all happy with their changes, but for the moment I am in favour at work.
To come home to the wonderful stitching from Dawn, I put my order in a while ago, I could do the letters for the bunting, but I knew Dawn could do them a whole lot better. Dawn has a second blog, if you don't know her click on either of the links, grab your favorite drink and enjoy getting to know her.
Last night hubby asked me chose my birthday present for next month, and I have a couple pairs of Fiskars scissors coming, it's much nicer to know what is coming and for it to be useful.
I also popped to Marks & Spencer web site, they have a huge sale, Per una range was discounted so three items later, it should have been four, but one sold out before I got to the pay section. I spent £28.47 on three items, a jacket, a cardigan and a jumper, I saved over £100 on the items, just have to pop to town on Saturday to pick them up.
So today was a good day


  1. Lots of good things in this post. Dawn's work is great. Congratulations on your job! It sounds like a lot of good things are happening there.

  2. glad your package arrived, I have asked for a metal detector for my birthday although I asked some time ago if he remembers that I will be surprised :-)

  3. The buntings will be adorable.

  4. What lovely things to receive in the mail!

  5. Great bargains from M&S. Our local gardening project was part of the "Spark Something Good" project by them yesterday, they certainly were a lovely bunch of guys/girls that came along to volunteer from the company.
    Love the book cushion and the quote, that's fabulous.

  6. Ha ha, I read your pay rise as 25%, that would have been nice, wouldn't it. I need some stronger specs!

  7. How wonderful, Dawn is extremely talented, I love the fusion cover so much! Excellent news about the pay rise,just in time for Christmas xx

  8. The book cushion is quite charming ♥



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