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Sunday, 9 October 2016

Out and about

I went shopping and got 4 large glass baubles 
not for the baubles, but they will be used on my tree
 The tube they came in, is perfect for this plant, Bouganvillea Amarilla
I could not get a tall thin cloche anywhere, the tube is the next best thing, the plant is about 20cm's high now and doing well. I have repotted it after checking on the net for it's care. It requires sunny hot and dry conditions, which means it will live here on my desk always inside. I have a friend who has one in her conservatory. 
 An orange pip for a friends son, 
I have more lime pips, keeping every thing crossed one might grow. 
 I have done a bit of stitching
 I am behind with this but I will soon catch up.
June is the last completely finished box, but I want to change the flowers in some and am happy to wait to see the whole finished before I choose my colours. 
We had the weekend away in Somerset visiting with family, catching up on every one.
Logan and Finn are a cute as ever and full of laughter and fun, we played Batman together, they had been swimming in the morning, so not as full as energy as normal. Again Logan is very happy in his second year at school, both boys have got very tall, how quick they grow.
My sisters garden is stunning, they have worked hard, we sat and had a coffee outside this morning, they have loads of small birds around their house, who visited whilst we chatted. We brought home some of their old decking planks, I require a 4' x 2' raised garden, we will use the planks on the outside, it will tuck in a nice spot and I can plant flowers for a cut flower bed. When done it will be the last job in our garden, I will have a few large plastic tubs to get rid off and then we will be tidy everywhere.
We all went for a curry last night, 5 of us enjoying the company, family and good food makes a great evening. Tonight we are planning an early night to bed. It's lovely and sunny here, but I am going to relax inside, the few things to do in the garden can wait until next weekend.


  1. What a clever idea and as you say, the baubles will come in handy too. Sounds like a lovely weekend away, hope we get to see your raised beds when they're finished xx

  2. I've seen ladies fill the glass baubles with their ORT's from the year, they do look effective.

  3. You're not as behind as I am with Joyful World, yours is looking fabulous. Glad you had a nice time away and how lovely that you got to enjoy the garden too.

  4. great thinking about the tube, was going to ask about your stitching you havent shown it for a while

  5. What a nice week-end with friends and family!

  6. The months are looking good.



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