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Monday, 3 October 2016


Someone should tell my garden it's October
 This bloom came off the plant when I was dead heading
 In the front garden
 Both plants share one huge tub
 Side flower boarder
 These are my favorite flowers
 Bit arty
 These are from cuttings, I should have two new plants next year
 These love their pot life and have been blooming for months.
On the whole my garden is not looking good, but in a few spots I have the most amazing colourful blooms, I love the late colour these flowers give us.
I noticed this spring the plants purchased with their roots in a tea bag, well it looks like a big tea bag, when they went over the roots had not grown much outside of the bag, so this year I have cut the bottom of each bag.
Is there a proper name for the 'teabag'
 I have not done all my pots as yet, some are still looking good.
I have planted the unused plants into small pots. 
Sunday was a busy garden day, not hard work, loads of little jobs, hubby has covered our hard wood garden furniture for the winter, we do not have space to store it anywhere. I still have loads of pots to sort, but I have left the better looking ones, I hope to get a couple more weeks from them. The green house is filling up, I so love having it and I'm making the most of it.
We viewed a camper van on Sunday morning, overpriced and unloved, much too much work to be done on it, shame because it had every thing we wanted, no problem we will keep looking, our van is out there.
I saw Josh and Sam over the weekend, both boys are lovely and bring me so much joy, I am really pleased the first few weeks of Josh being at the senior school is going well, he sounds happy, I am also really proud of him as he is in the top class for each subject. Sam has settled into school without Josh being close by, a real good start to their school years.
I am loving the warm sunny day today and looking forward to many more this week.


  1. Your tea bags are jiffy pots. You've still got a lot of colour going on, we had our first frost last night so I think our plants are on borrowed time now.

  2. I have just started putting plants away for winter, some are still blooming but they will have to in the poly tunnel, I love the fuschia one of my favorites :-)

  3. Strange and warm weather today fir October, your colourful flowers look beautiful.

  4. You always share such pretty flowers with us. So nice to have your grand sons close enough for a visit! Mine are so far away but we did Facetime. That is the greatest thing for families that live far apart. Out little 3 year old grand daughter knows us quite well.

  5. I do love a fuscia. This mild weather is a delight.

  6. it's great when there is still a colourful resistance to the cold weather blooming in different part of the garden. I'm looking forward to establishing flower beds in our new place next year and flexing the green thumbs once again :)



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