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Sunday, 2 October 2016


I really enjoyed 'The difference a day makes'
and have just started 'Wrapped up in you'
 I have purchased these lovely primary colour cottons
these will be used for the backs of my bunting
Two packs of small winter pansies
18 plants for around the plot
 My cyclamen are way behind
so these 6 will cheer my pots up.
Yesterday was a stormy day, we did get a few sunny spells, but most of the time it rained. So we popped out for a few items, and to start looking at Christmas gifts. I shop early to avoid all the rushing around crowded shops nearer to the big day.
The plants above have been added to my stash list, with a couple of spray pots another £15 was spent.
The fabrics came out of my Christmas fund, as these cottons will be used in making our grand sons bunting for part of their presents, I did get more than I require but some will be used for lining bags, I will also use some patterned designs from my stash. I have in my mind how I will make them, it's just a case of getting started. I also got a few smaller zips so I can make a couple of small bags, these as well will be part of Christmas presents.
Last night I had a go at putting my Christmas cards together, I do like to make most of mine. Back in the spring I used loads of silver card for our daughters wedding invites, I purchased packs of mixed silver and gold, so for my Christmas cards I will use all the gold card I have.
We are watching a couple of small camper van's on sale on various sites, we both agree it would be fun to be able to have loads of weekends away together, we are not in any hurry, but will keep an eye on what's about. This afternoon we will pop and see one, not sure if this is the one.
Later I will plant my pots photo's next time, now I have housework to sort.


  1. I make my own Christmas cards too and have already started so that I can take my time instead of having a last minute panic. By now I have usually got at least one Christmas gift too but not this year. You have reminded me to start by making a list! Thank you!

  2. Forgot to say....I hope you find your dream camper van Marlene...life on the open road! x

  3. Lovely cheerful post!

    Oooh, a camper sounds exciting, hope you sniff out the right one.

  4. We love cyclamens. We have had on on the kitchen windowsill for about 5yrs now and it still flowers - not a lot of eaves but it still flowers

    Julie xxxxxxxxx

  5. Exciting prospect buying a camper. I'm with you all the way. They are great to get away in and help make a trip very inexpensive. Good luck finding the right one for you.

  6. Friends on mine who have recently retired have bought a camper van, it does need work but he'll get it up and running before next spring. Hope you manage to purchase one for yourselves.

  7. How exciting, a camper van. There's be no stopping you getting out and about then. I bought some winter pansies and violas yesterday and took them for my sister's grave, they'll keep it looking nice and colourful over winter. They were such a good buy, just £1.50 per tray from Asda.



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