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Sunday, 31 July 2016

July spending and savings

It's that time of month, 
whilst my spend this month was low, I was still over budget
It's hard when the sales are on
I'm not the impulse buyer I used to be
I am still on target to save £200 off last years spend. 

I have had these shoes for 2 years, they still look good
BUT the insole has holes wearing in them 
whilst my toes cover the holes they are uncomfortable to wear
so a couple of blister plaster later and these shoes now have a new lease of life
 I got this wooden pot from a local charity shop
Just £2.50 and perfect for my nasties.
Another lease of life. 
 This young Robin is always at the back of our garden
he is not afraid of me, nice to have his company. 
My 52 in 2016 is coming along, I still have 9 lines to fill, and a few which I have not started as yet, but I am pleased, it's making me think on how to do different things, rather than doing the same things over and over.
We are having a quiet weekend at home, with almost nothing to do, I love days at home without any plans, a few years ago we would fill every moment of our days, mainly into our local town center shopping.
I have been working on my 2015 book, I did 212 post last year, normally I do about 150 post, so this will be the biggest book so far. In the week I was reading my 2009/2010 book, it's fun to look back, 2010 was the year we moved to this house.
So this afternoon it will be reading or stitching, the choice will depend on how hot it gets,  I don't stitch too much if it is hot...... or in fact baking
Scones, fruit and plain and yummy cheese straws. 
Now I'm off to stitch, I have August to complete.


  1. A lovely post, great to see how resourceful you have been with your shoes. I hopemyou enjoyed your day. The baking looks delicious.

  2. Everytime I see these posts I think, right, *I'm* going to do one of these budget planner things! I never get round to it! Except as its August 1st I'm going to note down all my spends for the month keeping receipts. It'll be quite busy as we are off on holiday too but it'll be an interesting thing to do to compare next year. Maybe I'll do alternative months! My Robin seems to have left me again but he comes back every winter.

  3. I really must look into this blog book, love the wooden bowl for your cacti

  4. Congratulations on your savings so far :)

  5. I agree with you about trying to find different things to do instead of doing the same things over and over, but when the things you do are things you quite enjoy, it's quite hard sometimes. We need to step out of our comfort zone more sometimes.



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