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Thursday, 21 July 2016

Come for a walk

Tonight instead of heading towards the castle
We drove for 15 minutes in the other direction
 Looking towards Portsmouth, Spinnaker Tower
 I love this row of boats
 Shame the tide is out
 One last photo looking out over the local sailing club
 The common ground is huge
Our local football club is here
just out of shot are the junior team practice session
 Along the tree line, huge sways of wild flowers
 Plus loads of blackberry bushes
It was worth getting into the car to visit this area, hubby walked here earlier in the week, with his mate, neither of us knew it was so big, it's not a local place you drive past. I would love to come back when the tide is in, tonight would be about 10pm, so too late for us.
How are you getting on with our heat wave, our offices at work have the air conditioning system set well, it's cool but not cold, plus we can open our windows to allow a warm breeze in, so it's very comfortable to work in. It has been too hot to walk at lunchtime, but we have been sitting outside for 30 mins. Our sitting room at home stays in the shade all day, so with the big doors open, it's perfect to feel as if you are outside and keeping cool. I started and finished the book below this week, reading is perfect for summer evenings. It's a book I would recommend, I enjoyed every last page.  
At night we have a humidifier working all night so the bedroom is cool, it does help to get a good nights sleep.
Tomorrow is my last day at work for a week, we had plans to have Josh and Sam, but they have changed so we are now planning time for the both of us, including a few days home in Somerset.


  1. Hi Marlene, I so enjoyed your lovely pictures. I hope you have a wonderful vacation and fun. Pat xx

  2. It's lovely to get out for a walk on these warm evenings, nice too to discover new places to visit on the doorstep. Our living room is in the shade all day too, it's great in this weather as it usually stays nice and cool. Enjoy your week off, I hope the weather stays fine for you.

  3. Evening walks are magical at this time of year, and so much cooler than the daytime. It has been too hot here earlier this week, but I'm enjoying a pleasantly cool day today. Have fun in Somerset! Cathy x

  4. What a lovely place to take a walk. I know just what you mean. When it is hot, we only walk if we can do it early. I like that author so I will have a good look at that book. Thanks for sharing the walk and the book.

  5. The wildflower photo is just beautiful. I'm counting your walk as my daily exercise!



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