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Saturday, 9 July 2016

Flower Saturday

Start of another weekend, we are home today, hubby still has his arm in a sling and so is unable to do as much as normal. His stitches have been removed and is healing well, but can't drive which for him is frustrating. I have housework this morning, later the ladies final at Wimbledon is on.
This evening we are out to a BBQ.

I want to get my sewing machine out, I have an itch to stitch, but I will have to get my material stash out of the attic. No idea at this point what to make, I am hoping I get inspiration from my fabrics.


  1. I think my hubby would be extremely frustrated if he couldn't drive.Your flowers look lovely.
    Have a lovely evening out.

  2. What a brilliant patchwork picture of your flowers. Very summery.

  3. Aw your poor husband! Have fun looking through your fabric stash, I'm plucking up the courage to pull mine out x

  4. I am spinning today trying to make a dent in the fleeces, although I spend a few hours in the cabin doing a bit of sewing :-)

  5. I know that feeling of the "itch to stitch."

    Your flowers are beautiful.

    Last night we went to a meeting for our local Garden Walk. This is our first year to be a part of it. I am excited. Hope we get some people here :)

  6. What a beautiful group of flowers. When my DH got the new knee, I had to drive for 6 weeks. It drove us both crazy to say the least!!!!



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