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Wednesday, 6 July 2016

In my garden tonight

Granddad by the back door
 Lovely coloured foliage 
 The snapdragon I never planted
 Love in the mist
 Colour at the back
 I feel sure this is bleeding heart
loads of other plants from scattered seeds
 Nice corner
 More colour
 Mini garden
 Orange pip
 Melon seed
 mild peppers
 Hot peppers
Just some of the things in our garden, as you can see I love pots
Nothing much happening here, Wales's football match later


paula said...

Love the colors.

Dad had snapdragons along the back of the house. After he died, some came up. Then we had to build a ramp over them so Mom could get in and out of the house with a wheelchair. When I moved in, after Mom died, and tore the ramp out . . . a bunch of Snapdragons came back the next summer. They are so hardy.

Dawn McHugh said...

I love the mini garden I might just steal that idea, its fab :-)

Barb said...

The flowers are so pretty. Your garden looks wonderful!

Jo@awholeplotoflove said...

It's all looking good x

Mum said...

Thanks for the tour. Everything is growing wonderfully.

Reginas Cottage said...

i love the minigarden!!! really a grandious idea.
have a nice day,

TrishWish said...

I like Nigella/Love in mist it is such a lovely filler in borders.


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