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Sunday, 3 July 2016

Weekend at home

Still growing, this is almost the right height
I have a couple of puckers in my stitching
I am being very careful
 Finally some sunshine and I can remove the plastic cover
the plants in this dish don't like to be waterlogged 
It's so heavy so I can't move it out of the rain. 
 My birds are happy with the sun shine
I have more new growth on the gooseberry bushes
so I am hoping I have got rid of the saw fly.
I finished this book whilst hubby was watching the football
The book was good and hubby very happy
Wales is through to the semi finals of the Euro cup
It's was sunshine and showers all day yesterday, so I did get time in the garden, I have planted the last few flower plants for the summer, the garden is now full. Last night we had two very heavy storms, so everywhere has been washed down.
I purchased another huge pot and dug up our blackcurrant bush and replanted it, the raspberries was crowding out the bush, the hope is for loads of fruit next year, we had only a dozen berries this year.
I had time in the greenhouse, tinkering with my mini garden, I have added another layer to the pot, still not sure about how it looks.
I harvest another cucumber, salad leaves, plus herbs. We had rosemary herb potatoes, with Mediterranean style roasted peppers, mushrooms and tomatoes, with some lemon sole, last night which was lovely.
We watched the Andy Murray match from Wimbledon, which was gripping stuff. Later we watched highlights from Glastonbury, Adele (miss potty mouth), Squeeze and ELO, all were good, but I really loved ELO.
I have done some more stitching to July, I did have some unpicking to do, I last session will get it finished, photo next time.
Today housework and later my brother is back with us for one last day.


  1. Your hexagons are coming along nicely. The garden looks good as well.

  2. I loved ELO at Glastonbury too and like you was not impressed with Adele's choice of language.
    Harvesting greenhouse produce here too and our first crop of potatoes.

  3. The hexagons are looking lovely.

  4. Your patchwork is looking good and I'm glad the weather is improving enough to spend time in the garden x



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