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Saturday, 15 February 2014

Stormy night

Last night we had the worst of our weather, 
after a day of heavy rain and blustery winds, the gales hit 70 to 80 miles per hour. It rattled the whole house all night, cat flap and letter box had to be taped down.  I sat up to 2am with our cats, Purdy was not happy and would not settle, Grace snuggled on my lap. They are still both in, watching everything blow around, we have trees at the bottom of our garden, and the wind is still blowing them around, but for now they look safe.
 On the plus side, I finished another pattern and made a good start on the 3rd. 
I have such a calm feeling whilst stitching this, it's lacy and pretty with such lovely colours. Stitching at it's best.
 We are having our special meal tonight, 
we never go out on Valentine's day, 
and I am making the desert, you can have anything you want I told hubby, 
his reply.....................Trifle
So I am jazzing up trifle, jelly, white and dark chocolate hearts.
 I have not put the cream on top, this will last more than one serving, and with cream on the top, it will get messy, we can add the cream in our dishes. 
My diet is gone for this weekend. 
Nothing much planned for the weekend, if the weather fore caste is correct for tomorrow and we have a dry day, it might be nice to get out, but we will make that choice in the morning.
I had Thursday with Sam, we went shopping together, he's been a good boy so Nanna wanted to get him a toy and book, we had lunch together, how cute is a small lad eating chips with tomato sauce. Josh had football stickers, I do wonder just how much we spend on these stickers, but best not to think about it.
Family at home in Somerset are safe, the water is getting closer to them, but everyone is lucky, our village still has it's flood plains, so most homes are safe.
I will sort my giveaway from my Blog anniversary post later this week.
I hope you are warm, dry and safe, have a good weekend.


  1. You've certainly had some bad weather, was wondering how you were, Supposed to be drier next week and I think we all need it. It's pouring down here. Love your sewing and the touch of blue really stands out nicely. Your trifle looks good too and love your hearts. Have a lovely weekend.

  2. I just heard on the news this evening about the flooding in England. Heavens . . you have flooding and major winds while the US has had massive snow storms . . hope Old Man Winter gets all this out of his system this year. Some snow is fine, but I do like to see some green grass between Christmas and the middle of February :)

    Your new sampler is soothing :)

  3. Friday night was bad here too, we lost 2 fence panels, but there are lots worse off than we are.
    Your trifle looks delicious ...yum yum.
    Gorgeouse stitching, it looks so delicate and pretty.



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