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Sunday, 23 February 2014

Sunday cruising

Just for Laura, shiny red car, dream to drive, 
most of my cars have been this colour
 Steady stitching on my sampler, not much time spent stitching
7th box almost finished
I can see the pink buds on our magnolia tree again, 
I love this tree, we left the blue lights in the tree
The squirrels ate through the white set of lights 
 With the sun shine came the flowers
Crocus in loads of colours 
 Daffodils every where
I purchased a twisted willow yesterday, still rather small to be grown in a pot, it's in my greenhouse, just for a month until I see more growth and the weather is a bit warmer.
I am going to start my seeds this week, cucumber, tomatoes, strawberries, hope to get a good start on them.
Yesterdays shopping was fun, hubby stocked up on bird foods, he likes to make his own lard/seed cakes for them. I purchased a couple of glass lamps for candles for the garden this summer.
Today is a bit duller, rain is expected, but normal rain rather than the storms, so day at home, I want to do some work on my miniatures, I have neglected them for ages. But 1st I have a bit of housework to do.
Fingers crossed we will see Joshy and Sam later.


  1. Love the car and great colour too :) Spring is definitely here too. Your magnolia tree looks lovely - we keep saying we are going to get one for the front garden. Do you still switch the lights on? Bet it will look lovely when the flowers are out. Your daffodils and crocus are ahead of ours but we're further north :) Have a great Sunday.

  2. Nice new wheels.
    Stitching is growing lovely and how nice to see some sunshine and the bulbs opening up.

  3. Out outside lights are on a time switch and they turn themselves on and off every day. We do have to remember to change the times as the night get brighter.



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