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Saturday, 22 February 2014

Just stitching

Progress so far...
I have left filling the boxes for the simpler stitches of the borders
 To me this is the easy boring part, so it is great to get it done
and whilst I was not fully better easy to do
 I love it
There should be 4 rows of 3 boxes
I prefer 3 rows of 4 boxes
it appeals to my sense of balance.
 I have also this week been on Pintrest alot, 
just looking
This looks to me like a great project
still a sampler but different for me
I should have most of the colours in my stash.
The link to the patterns is here
Done so very little this week, I have enjoyed the last couple of days sat inside watching the birds and squirrels visiting our back garden, we have had some sun shine most days, and this morning is sunny. I forgot the joy of sitting for a while, instead of rushing around and keeping pace with the world. I must remember to do it more often in the day time. The sun shine has helped.
The flooding around the country is not gone, the ground water levels are now dictating the pace of drainage, the standing water has no where to go.
In Somerset, the levels are still under up to 6 foot of water.
I am back to being well, yesterday I had three small meals for the first time since Sunday, so today we have planned a gentle day.
On Monday my new car arrived, we have upgraded to an Hyudai i20, still a small car, but just a bit more space, but it has sat on our drive all week. So today I hope to take it out, just popping to visit our daughter Su, but that's later this afternoon. This morning we plan to visit two shops, The Range and Wilkinson's, nothing fancy, The Range because I have not been in ages, and Wilkinson's because we need cleaning items. So a normal day here. Tomorrow more rain is planned, so a day at home, hope to see Josh and Sammy, but they had a nightmare trip home form London via our train service on Thursday, will see how they are feeling tomorrow.
I will name the person who will receive my blog anniversary give away early next week.


  1. Glad you are feeling better. As always love your sewing. The sun makes such a difference - I've enjoyed doing the housework today as it's sunny. Enjoy your new car - what colour did you get. I think it's going to take a lot to clear up the flooding, watched a great article on BBC news about houses in Holland that are amphibious ones !!!

  2. I can't wait to see what the Merry Christmas looks like when you get it going. It is the kind of sampler I like. But, then again, I like all samplers :)

  3. Your sampler is looking gorgeous.

  4. Laura the car is bright red, my favorite colour for cars

  5. I'm sorry to hear you were sick.. hope you're feeling better and that the weather improves!
    Another beautiful project, and that's a lovely Christmas sampler! Will you be doing it?

  6. Ooh red my favourite colour too :)

  7. Good news you are feeling much better.
    The sampler is growing beautifully.
    A nice Christmas Sampler, very different.



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