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Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Little boxes

Guess what, it's raining again, we are in the middle of another 2 day storm, 
tomorrow is going to be wetter that today. 
The wind is gale force so every thing is flying around.
 On the bright side, more stitching time, and I am getting on well with this, I decided to stitch the boxes first, all the same colour, DMC 3042, using one thread on 28 count even weave. I'm doing the simple stitching first, I do have an idea forming in my head on how to work this.
 I am not happy with it being long and thin, so I will stitch 3 rows of 4 boxes, I prefer the balance and shape it will give me. I do like the blue stitching and will not change it, but I have seen it stitched with a different colour for each box.
 Amaryllis time
 Stunning, some bright cheer in such a dull and wet time.
Nothing much happening here this week, just to horrible to go out, work is busy, we have a conference on Saturday, so a working day for me, I am looking forward to meeting so many people, hard work but fun.
I have also been working on my next book 2013, just the checking and rechecking to do, before I send it to the printers.
So I sit and stitch
Hope you are warm and dry.
At least blogger land is open, I do so enjoy reading every ones post. 


  1. Lovely design you are working on :o)
    Hope that storms are affecting you too much. Stay safe and warm and keep stitching!

  2. A nice new project to keep you busy, I love the colours of this thread, always a favourite of mine.
    Have fun at the weekend.



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