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Thursday, 20 February 2014

4 Days late

All the photo's here were taken on Sunday morning, my plan was to chat about my hour in the garden, in sunshine, doing odd jobs and plant a couple of pots. I had a great time out to lunch with a friend, came home did a bit more stitching and then to bed.
My problem has been I have just got up again, hit by a really nasty bug.
 I did finish this pattern on Sunday night and made a small start to the 4th design. Yesterday I did do a few stitches, but just added to the outside boxes for 5,6 and 7, nothing I could go wrong on. The light today is so poor, I won't bother with photo's.
 I have a new jar for my ORT's, I have had this candle for a couple of years, 
so it's part of the household, now with a new purpose.
 My garden from Sunday, so full of promise. 
Spring is so very close now.
We have had a couple of dry days , but today is more rain, and a new worrying problem. In a couple of locations here in Hampshire, homes are being flooded by ground water rising through the water mains, so instead of water disappearing into the drains, it is flooding out of them, our sub soil is chalk and it is full of water, any water now has nowhere to go. I think we are safe, but one location not to far away has no rivers or local water, but is under almost a foot of water. This winter has to go down in history as the weirdest, wettest I have ever known.
My plan is to stay inside, rest and feel better, I'm not great yet, but I feel well enough not to stay in bed. I plan to go back to work on Monday, on the plus side I have lost 6lbs since Sunday. So today I can catch up on a couple of films and do some simple stitching.
As always, loved reading your blogs, thank goodness for my ipad.


  1. Hope your feeling better soon. Love the spring flowers, we still have about a foot and a half of snow!

  2. Loving your sewing, the blue just pops. Oh I hope you feel better soon and hope the flooding doesn't affect you. It's been dreadful, really feel for all these poor people. Your spring flowers look lovely and. I'm so excited because it's just round the corner, along with lighter nights and mornings :)



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