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Sunday, 9 February 2014

Blog birthday

Today I am starting my 6th year, how time flies.
When I look back on my fist post without any photo's, an interesting start to my blogging journey
I now record all my blogs in books, I am almost ready to have 2013 sent for printing
Stitching next, getting on with my boxes, I now have 4 along the top row, which for me is more balanced. I will stitch the contents of these boxes next.
 Daffodils in the front garden, they don't look the best, but it is nice to see colour, last night we had another storm and very high winds, so it is great to see any flowers in the garden. 
 Our Magnolia tree is in bud again, as is our Acer, and we have loads of bulbs pushing through the soil in gardens around our house, promises of the arrival spring
With this post I am having a give away, if you want to take part, please leave a comment, it's a surprise parcel  just for my followers, so please no need to put it on your blogs, just a thank you for those of you who pop by. I have a second parcel, not sure who I will send this to, I will check my statics and find someone.
Thank you to every one who pops by, I love to read all your words and soak up all your photo's, loving your stitching, gardens, families and hobbies. I feel lucky to be able to interact with ladies from all over our world, sharing our stitching, gardens, wild life and family's.

Here, we are very lucky, we live in what is the driest part of the UK, and even with the record amount of rain we have had since the start of December, we are warm and dry. Now the trains are not able to travel through to the South West, with land slides and floods, and the rail being washed away in Dawlish, life is very hard in Somerset, Devon and Cornwall. My niece lives on the northern edge of the Somerset Levels, and to get home to see our family she had to drive 30 miles in the wrong direction to avoid all the water. 
So stay warm and dry, we have another storm due tomorrow, and no signs of them stopping, not sure how much more water the South West  and the rest of UK can take. 


  1. Happy Blog Birthday :) love your sewing and it always amazes me how fast you work. My daffs haven't peeked through yet so it's lovely to see yours and with your magnolia tree spring is getting there :) I feel so sorry for everyone down in Somerset, Devon & Cornwall, they've had a terrible time. Hope the weather starts to improve although not looking good tomorrow

  2. Ooh pressed the wrong button - forgot to add great idea for a birthday giveaway :)

  3. Happy 2nd Blog Anniversary! I've so enjoyed visiting your blog and seeing all your lovely stitching..it's also been a treat to "visit" with you and see bits of your day-to-day.
    Happy stitching always.

  4. Happy Blogoversary. Love the project your working on. I would love to be entered in your giveaway. Stop by my blog, I too am having a blogoversary giveway.


  5. Happy anniversary . looking forward to more .xxx

  6. Time really does fly! I am getting ready for a blogoversary giveaway, too-my 4th year.

    Happy blogoversary to you. I am a regular reader but don't comment often enough.
    Please enter me in your giveaway.

  7. My goodness, I just re-read my comment - I meant Happy 6th!
    I do hope you're spared more rain - it does sound like a lot of water (Feb.22)
    Oh and please I'd like my name entered as well.



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