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Sunday, 2 February 2014

2nd Finish and a New Start

My second finish this year,
 I had to stitch both birds shown in the photo below, 
neither took long to do, so without the design.
I just looked at the opposite bird and reverse the pattern.
 I changed some of the colours in this design, 
adding the purples and the yellow of the flowers, 
it's bright and very me.
To carry on with my WIP.
 I put my cat back in the frame, but the shades of grey are so close, I need better light to stitch, so I got out Tree of Life which I last stitched in September 2012, but the shades of brown were too close, so I packed that away.
I decided to start something new, I got out Rachel Jarratt,  a beautiful sampler, but looking at the design, some stitches are stitched over 2, so I will have to get the correct fabric before I can stitch it. 
So frustration set in.
 Back to Pintrest, I found a design from Janita 12 designs, each in a box and started it, it is stitched in just one colour, but I hope to add colours as I go along. I thought I would do the three boxes along the top first. I will show the whole design next time. At least I am stitching. The fabric is white not blue.
 My Amaryllis is almost there, just one more flower to open,
 it is stunning in my sitting room.
It's been a mixed weekend, yesterday afternoon was very wet, so I spent loads of time stitching.
This morning I cleaned my house, not my favorite job, but now it's done I am happy.
This afternoon we went to Whiteley it's an out door shopping centre, met Su and David for a coffee and did a bit of shopping, hubby was looking at mobile phones, me nail kits. Later back home Fliss and Josh popped over, Josh is now watching rugby, so we left them watch Ireland V Scotland and we chatted.
I have just done my second set of gel nails, and have navy blue nails, very dark for me, but the gel does not chip, I enjoyed using the LED lamp, it is not hard, just have to be careful and neat.


  1. The colors in your finished piece are lovely!

  2. eagerly waiting to see the progress on the new pieces.

  3. Congrats on your new finish,very pretty and colourful.
    Love Grand Marquoir.

  4. Super finish, so vibrant and colourful.
    Your amaryllis is a stunning colour too.



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