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Saturday, 11 January 2014

The sun is shinning!

It's been a busy week and not much stitching done, 
I hope to finish this second square this weekend.
 We are having the second sunny day in a row, it is so nice to feel the sun again, I popped out into the garden to check things, other than the fence, all is OK, such a nice blue sky.
 Our tree has been full of starlings, they mostly flew away when I came out, just this brave one stayed, had a nice quiet meal without the normal squabbles which starlings are so fond of. 
The tree has buds on, bit to early, but nice to see new life. 
Back inside my Amaryllis is now over two foot from the pot, still in bud, 
can't wait to see the flower.
My Poinsettia is doing well, lost a couple more green leaves.
 Last weekend I did a bit on on line shopping, went to the Sutton seeds site, my parcel arrived on Thursday, this year I want to grow a few different things. I am very excited with the Cuemelons, mixed colour carrots and the beetroot. A bit to early to start, but I now have every thing ready. 
Cuemelons are cucumbers the size of grapes with a tinge of lime flavour.
 Purdey was out side, but still wanted to check on me, she loves to sit outside the patio doors and look in.  Grace is at the bottom of the garden sunning herself. I still have to keep an eye on her, next doors cats still pick on her.
My seven foot Christmas tree arrived, I put it up last night just to check it, and now it's packed away in the attic, I can't wait for this coming Christmas, it's going to be a perfect feature for my bottom corner of the room, by the patio door.
I have finished cleaning the house, not my favourite job, but now it's done I can have the rest of the weekend doing what I like.
My 1st week of my diet went well, no problems, just trying to be good over the weekend. we are not drinking in January, not that we drink much, I only like wine. On Monday I am starting walking in my lunch break. Most of the guys I work with are all ex Navy, and one is an ex PT instructor, he knows my medical history, so he is building me a simple plan to boost my stamina, starting with walking and then on to cycling.
Fingers crossed this will be the year I get rid of all the weight again, I lost loads in 2009 before I was ill, and now almost all the weight came back.
Hope you have a great weekend, here we plan to go for a walk tomorrow, in the sun shine.


  1. It's been nice to see Mr Sunshine hasn't it.
    Good luck with your walking plan.

  2. It's good to hear that you have some sunshine, we are happy we have a little drizzle today.



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