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Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Another post, another year

It's another very wet day here, high winds, but we are warm and safe, 
it's a day day for being inside.
My stitching is growing, you can see in the bottom heart, the missing section, once I have stitched all the pattern, I will infill the section. I will stitch later today, so this will soon be my 1st finish of the new year. 
 Laura from My Wee Life sent me this heart, I love hearts, so while my tree was up I had it right in the front, now I have it on my heart tree. 
Logan gave us the santa ornament for the tree.
 Hubby had my ginger cat framed for me as a Christmas present, it looks good under my stitched black and white cat in the hall.
 After 3 weeks, my plant is still looking well, I have lost just a few leaves. My bulbs are still way behind, not sure when I will see flowers, still some thing to look forward to.
We had a great evening last night, hubby cooked a great meal, and it was dry at midnight for our fireworks.
Because it is so very wet, I spent the morning taking down my decorations, the house is now looking tidy, I have discarded the Christmas tree and will purchase a new one for next Christmas.
I'm now going to spend the rest of the day stitching, tomorrow I am back to work, just for two days and then it's the weekend.


  1. I love all the stitching and the little ginger kitty looks wonderful under the other.

  2. Oh Marlene I'm pleased you like the heart and thank you for putting it on your tree! What a surprise! It was just a little something that I saw to say thank you. Your sewing is gorgeous and love the framed cats :) Your Poinsettia is lovely - mine sadly gave up the ghost although I normally do quite well with them. Here's to a good 2014 for you.



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