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Sunday, 26 January 2014

I'm still stitching

Grand Marquoir, it's very slow going at this time, I was hoping to have it finished by now, but a busy week and a weekend away has stopped me stitching. I have just over 3 squares to do. 
 I keep on I want to crochet more than granny squares, but I get lost trying to follow a pattern, my sister Leanna has loaned me this book to have another go. I have loads of lovely designs I want to make.
 My Amaryllis has started to bud, I can't wait for the flowers, 
 Along my wall, I have loads of colour, the Poinsettia is looking a bit jaded, the lower leaves are gone, I think it's a bit cool here, but if I put it some where warmer in this room, there would not be any natural light.
We have been home to Somerset for a couple of days, we came back early today because of the weather, they have another Amber Warning for rain/flooding. My family home is about 10 miles from the Somerset Levels, and on our UK news, they have been showing the terrible flooding, at one point they were using a boat to get to villages and passed a submerged car stranded on the road. The water has been there since before Christmas, the area is flood plains, but this is the worst in living memories for the height of the flooding. 
My older brother has lost the roof off his flat and had to move out, 
but every one else is safe. 
Last night we had a curry night 7 of us went to a local curry house, everyone had a different curry, they all arrived on time and were wonderful, we sat for 3 hours remembering our childhood and funny things, a bit of teasing as well, the staff were great, there when you wanted them, we had loads of laughter. I can see us going back there again, my mobile phone fell out of my bag, and one member of staff drove the 4 miles to return it back to me, so the service was perfect, hubby is on their website leaving a top review.
Nothing planned for this week, just staying dry  and stitching. 


  1. Good luck practising the crochet, I learnt from an online blog Attic 24, but I bet you have already heard of Lucy and her tutorials.



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