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Sunday, 5 January 2014

Almost, but not quite

The fourth small heart is almost finished just the top corner to do.
 This will hang in my bedroom once finished, on my new wardrobe doors, I have to decide which WIP I work on next, I think maybe the cat, if the light is good enough I last stitched this in early November, or my own design  last stitched in early December. 
 The bud on my Amaryllis is growing taller, photo next time.
 My Poinsettia is well, I have moved it, and a couple of leaves dropped, but it looks good here, has good light and it can't be knocked. So it should be safe.
We are having a good weekend, went out to lunch with Win, our neighbour, yesterday to celebrate her 99th birthday, we booked a nice pub which has lovely fish dishes on the menu. It was a pleasant lunch all round.
Today we have booked a break in France for June, just hubby and I, something warm to look forward to.
We have had a dry morning, which makes a nice change, we have another storm and high tide tonight, so not planning to go out anywhere.  Every where is so grey and wet, we are getting fed up with being inside, thank goodness for the internet and blogging.
I do nothing in my garden, just check each day to ensure nothing has been weather damaged, I want to check Sutton Seeds site, I normally buy my seeds local, but want to be more adventurist this year, with what I grow. Opps large seed order on it's way to me.



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