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Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Almost, almost

Just over one block to go, a bit of shadowing on a few letters and this is finished. Fliss would like it framed in dark wood, so I will have to check out prices. Hope to be finished by the weekend.
 My Amaryllis is getting there, I love the pink, it's very pretty.
 Arty shot
 The pots outside my back door are doing well, the two big pots have flowered all winter, nice to see some colour. Not sure what will open in the smaller pot, I can't remember what I planted.
 Tree is in bud, but still holding off, it's still a bit early.
 I found this on Pintrest
 And this
 I have ordered this design, Rachel Jarrett from Scarlet Letter, Nicola has been stitching it, and the moment I saw it, I was in love, so a quick bit of shopping and it's on it's way to me. Almost every thing Nicola stitches I love, she like me loves big projects, but it will have to wait in my stash box for a while. Next week I am going to finish one more WIP, I think it will be the Felix cat, for my daughter Su.
It's getting cold here, so we are not planning to go out anywhere in the evenings, so plenty of stitching time.
It's all about keeping warm and dry.
On the 9th of Feb it's my blog anniversary, I will have a giveaway or two, I have not decided what or how I will run it, but I have a bit of time to think it over.


  1. LOVE the new pattern . . . I was a sucker for samplers when I was stitching . . wish the eyes would still let me stitch them.

  2. So close to a finish. My granddaughter has my GM on her bedroom wall.
    Fun Pinterest finds.



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