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Monday, 13 January 2014

Feeling good

I managed to stitch for a long while yesterday, finished the 2nd square and decided to do the 3rd square the same, should finish this tonight.
 I have not made any decisions as to how I will stitch the background, I thought I might do some blackwork, still not sure but I have a day to think about it.
 I said I would not start anything new in January, but look what I have found, it's very me, and very hard not to start it now!! but I am going to wait to 1st of Feb, only 18 days. I have already decided what colours I will use, yes I plan to use at least 4. I also know how I will finish it and where it is going.
 Another heart I love, it's simple and stunning.
After two dry days, one with loads of sunshine, today was dry for most of the day, the rain started as I drove home, but now we are both home, we have shut the blinds, just a nice evening in together.

My first week of my diet went better than expected, for 5 days I eat 1200 calories, which is not to bad if you forget any treats, and twice a week I drop to 700 calories (Monday and Thursday), these days are much harder, I have to plan every thing I am going to eat. But the payoff is I lost 5 pounds last week, which I don't expect to lose each week, but it makes for a good start. Today at lunch I went for a 10 minute walk, which made me feel good. So I am feeling happy with myself, just another 20 pounds to go.


  1. LOVE both hearts . . but being a person who loves snow, that snow heart is stunning.

  2. Two lovely heart designs you have chosen.

  3. Love the heart designs and looking forward to seeing more of your work. Loving the square/geometric one - very different:). Keep up the diet - I'm back on WW but slower than you! Looks like you might get a dryish weekend.

  4. The heart designs are very pretty.



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