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Monday, 25 March 2013

Weekend fun

 Nana had  visitors all weekend, Logan and mummy came to stay, Kev went to their house to help daddy fit a new bathroom, here Logan is saying hello to Grace, not sure who was more shocked, Logan getting to stroke her or Grace having a toddler touch her.

We went out on Saturday morning to Fort Nelson, so Logan could have a run around, the day was very wet, and every thing we needed was inside.
 Shouting hello down the barrows and sitting on cannon balls was the best bits, and of course all the gravel. At two Logan was a bit too young for the guns, but a perfect day out for boys of most ages, pop here for our last visit.
 Saturday afternoon Sammy came to play, there are just 3 months between them, they played well together, Nana loves all the curls and I'm glad they have been allowed to keep them. Josh was here as well, but he was doing things with his Star Wars stuff. They are the same size, so double trouble, but loads of laughter.
 I did manage some stitching, mostly yesterday, and most of it I have already unpicked, miss counted again, so frustrating, I had almost finished the right hand side before I noticed it.
 But another square done, that's 4 out of 9 from page three. It is a shame you can not see the shades in the silk being used, it is very pretty.
The situation in work has been resolved, on Friday I went into work, and read an e-mail from our department boss, we were having two extra staff, great news, further into the e-mail, both staff were to work in repairs and myself and the returns supervisor would have to manage. I called to speak to my boss who sent the e-mail, he was on a day off, typical of him. So I quit, just left, I have never done that before in 40 years of working, it was making me ill with stress, and I am really done with being ill.

So I am sat here again looking for a job, I do need to work for just a couple more years, once the mortgage is paid I can then hang up my boots, plus I'm not ready to stay at home and baby sit grand children, I do love them but I do like to use what few brain cells I have left.

We are cold and dry today after a very wet weekend, but no snow, hope eveyone in the north is doing Ok, so much snow for March, as my mum would say, "March in like a lamb, out like a lion".

Roll on spring, some time soon would be nice.


  1. Good for you for quitting, I hope you find something you enjoy soon

  2. Sometimes we just have to do what seems right, i hope you find something to replace your job soon.

    Lovely pics of your grandchildren having a fun day out and i love the pic of stroking the cat, our cat scarpers as soon as he sees my grandaughter but next doors cat is always here when she is... strange!

  3. Marlene well done I know you'll feel better soon for doing that - I'm almost at that point. Something will turn up soon. The photos are lovely too. Hope the weather isn't too bad.

  4. I love your stitching but would imagine its very easy to make a mistake on such a complex piece, but it will be worth the effort in the end.
    What a cute grandaughter you have.



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