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Sunday, 3 March 2013

All types of every thing

 Dream Sampler is back in the frame, and I am loving the colours, yet again I have made changes, adding the pink and the green to the blues, it helps to tie it all together,  my needle is flying on this section, it's just so pretty.
 I managed to finish pages 1and 2, and finished the crown, this will be on hold for at least a week until I have finished the above stitch along.
 I am using my gifts from Kathy, how much neater my work box now looks, so much nicer than plastic sleeves. I should promise myself to make some, but my sewing machine is packed under loads of stuff, whilst Su is staying with us, so maybe not.

 Spring is here, the garden is waking up, Yesterday was St Davis's day and I am married to a Welsh man, so we are very pleased to see so many daffodils in flower.
It's been a very mixed week here, we started with a guy sleeping in our garage for a couple of nights, Cristian is walking the coast line of UK, and sleeping rough, he is ex army and is raising awareness of the plight of some guys who are not able to adjust to civilian life and fall on hard times. He has raised over £10,000 for Help for Heroes if you are interested you can follow him on facebook

Work is going better, still loads to do, but I now feel both my supervisor and boss have changed their attitude towards me, I can just about finish most of the work each day, and I am doing more now that ever, I have a couple extra things to do, it would be so nice if every thing stays like this, I don't mind hard work, I can't stand the bullying.

We have a busy weekend, Su is still with us for a couple more weeks, she has seen a nice one bed room house, Martin my brother is here for the weekend as well, so our little house is full of family, just as we like it.


  1. What is St Davis' Day?

    I know a lot of ex-army/marines. etc here are doing things to raise awareness of the plight of ex-soldiers.

    I am glad they are doing this. So many of the veterans form our Viet Nam War are on the streets now . . homeless . . their problems weren't addressed when they came home. I would hate to see that happen to a whole new generation.

  2. You are lovely to allow Christian to stay - wish him well raising funds. Your sewing is lovely and it's great to see the spring flowers and your daffodils are perfectly timed for St David's day :)

  3. Well done to your visitor on his fund raising.
    It must be much warmer where you are, my spring bulbs are still closed tightly.
    Beautiful stitching going on.



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