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Saturday, 9 March 2013

Life not stitching

 I have had flowers from Kev for Mothering Sunday, which here in UK is tomorrow, lots of pinks and reds, I do love to see cut flowers inside, but hate taking them from my garden.

Sammy and Josh popped in, we had loads of fun, it was too cold and wet to go out side, but we had fun inside, no photo's of Josh, he is still camera shy, Sammy had loads of fun with our cushions, not sure why he was piling them on top of himself, but it was a giggle. Josh brought his Star Wars figures with him, he has loads, and knows them all, but Nana is not good at remembering them.
 More signs of spring, my pots by the front door is coming to life, as is our magnolia tree, loads of pink buds. We have just had the out side of the house painted, I like to see the bricks, but there was already paint covering them when we moved in. Every where is looking tidy.
 I have done almost no stitching, just a tiny bit more to do and this section will be finished. I am going to stitch tonight, but this last week has been very busy and when I get time to stitch I've been to tired.
Tonight we are home Pizza and a film, just the two of us, which I love.

Tomorrow we are out for the day, not sure where yet, will have to see how much rain we get, might be nice just to have a drive and see where we end up, not sure about lunch out, every where will be so very busy.

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  1. Your grandson looks like he's having a fun time.

    Its lovely to see the spring flowers opening up.



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