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Thursday, 28 March 2013

Slow going

 I have finished N, but it is slow going, that's 5 out of 9 on page 3, I think I am missing the colour from my other project, still 2 weeks before the next stage is released.

I have been sorting in my office space, I have moved my shop and kitchen to the book case, I have room here to have a small house, but at this time I can't decide on a theme.

I have been busy, my CV is every where, had my 1st job interview this week, and fingers crossed for more.

I am home today hopefully it's the last visit to get our boiler working, I am also finishing my third book, Poppy Patchwork 2012, I just need to have one final read through to ensure there are no stupid mistakes. I do not change much content on the blogs, so soon I will have 3 books. I have a second book to print, it's the story of Somerset House, my house maybe gone but  I will always have the record of it.

We don't have plans for the weekend, it's too cold for planting, but I hope to sort my little greenhouse and get things going in there, Josh and Sam are at grandma's house for the weekend, I hope to spend time with Fliss and Su, as well as loads of time with Kev.

My main aim is to find a localish cross stitch shop to visit, I would like to add to my stash, but I feel a touchy feely time coming on.

Hope your long weekend is full of fun, and a bit of warmer weather.


  1. You can really see the variation of the thread in this picture.

    Have a lovely Easter weekend.

  2. WHy is SOmerset hOuse gonE?



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