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Saturday, 16 March 2013

Outside and In

We have had the house painted, it does look good, I do wish we could get rid of the yellow stones on the front garden, we have to park both cars here now, our road is full of parked cars. So my plan to make half the area back to garden is on hold.
Our tree is great, this photo is taken from our bed room window, loving the pink, we have rain again this weekend, I am keeping every thing crossed we have a real summer this year.
Grand Marquoir is back on the frame, but I have not stitched much, busy week, Fliss has fallen in love with this, so it might have a home to go to, rather then sitting in my work box, waiting to be made into something, and my box if full.
No plans this weekend, Su has moved into her new place, but not completely, our spare room has loads of her items in. But it's just the two of us, I love both my daughters, but I love just the two of us, we love our little home and lifestyle. I have been sorting my office space, it will be great when I can put all my books back into the spare room.

I have found a nice site called Tagxedo, they have different shapes into which you add words, above is a cat with all my cat names, you can not save in the free section, but it will let you print it out and once scanned you have it, great fun for card making.

It's very wet here, so a day inside again, well at least I will have time to stitch.


  1. Love the little kitty with the names in it. Also your house colors are very pretty and cheery. Your stitching is coming along nicely!

  2. I just made a Cat and a Dog with all of my fur-Babies names on them.

    Thanks for sharing . . what a GREAT thing to have and now frame for my "family picture" wall.

  3. Your house looks lovely as does your sewing - I do like the subtle colours. Love the cat print

  4. What a fun site, your kitty is great.

    GM is growing beautifully.

  5. just found your site. you have some lovely projects on the go and i love your cat - what a cute idea.



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