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Monday, 11 March 2013

Snow day

 It has snowed all day, dry fine snow, and all we have left is this, it has been windy and as fast as it fell it blew away, tonight is really cold, but we are all warm inside. Our tree looks fantastic with the pink buds and the snow on the branches. Both cats have been inside all day, what a life, I will come back as a much loved cat.
My Mothers day cards, from daughters and grandson, Nana is as important on the card as mum, my memory box is full of such cards, but I keep them all each year, one day I will do something with them.
 Sweet dreams is off the frame, I have done this section, can I count it as my second finish this year,
 It is just so colourful, I now have to wait until April 10th for the next section. 
so Grand Marquoir is back read to stitch page 3. 
Night in tonight, it's so very cold out side typical of March, to promise spring and then throw snow at us.

Yesterday  we did not go any where, Kev wanted to go out but it was so dull and cold, I stayed in and worked on my 2012 book, which is almost finished. I have one other book Somerset House, which I would like to have as a keepsake. We did go to the KFC drive in for tea, very naughty but very tasty.

Paula, St David is the Saint for Wales, like England has St George and Ireland has St Patrick, so 1st March all of Wales celebrate and wears either a daffodil or a leak.

Keep warm and dry.


  1. The colours are beautiful:)

  2. Sweet Dreams is looking beautiful.
    We had a sprinkling of the white stuff too, but today we have lovely sunshine.

    A lovely collection of Mothering Sunday cards you received.

  3. YEAH . . now I know the Saints of England and Wales :)

    He must be a good saint to have a daffodil worn in his honor :)

    Oh, thanks for stopping by my little corner of Bloggy Land :)



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