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Monday, 4 March 2013

On a mission

 The stitching in my last post was not totally up to date, I had problems doing my post on Saturday and left it until Sunday, so I was further along that you saw. I am really loving this section and should be finished very soon.
 I have just the top half to do, 
I am pleased I have added the extra colours. It is looking good.
Today has been good, work was busy, which I don't mind, and I got every thing done, which is always a bonus. Had lunch with Kev, we sat in his car looking over the water front, near where I work, the day was cold but the sun shine was bliss. I will stitch for an hour, then I want an early night, Kev is away tonight, so I will make the most of my time, Su is here so we can chat for a while.

Just a short post, this week is all work and stitching, not many plans, just counting down the days until the next weekend.


otterine said...

Love the birds on branches motif. :D

sharine said...

Great stitching:)

Christine said...

I love the birds on the branches as well. The whole border is beautiful.

Nicole said...

It's looking great!

Julie said...

Very pretty colours you've chosen to use on this lovely one.


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