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Sunday, 24 February 2013

All around the house

 This is the corner of my office whilst Su is staying with us, we have cleared our neat and tidy spare room, for her stuff and now ours is gathering dust in the corner. Soon she will move on, so I don't mind the mess, I am really enjoying having time with her.

My stitching is almost done,  
 I have finished page two and decided to stitch the crown from page one, I should finish this today.
Our bed room, I am a child of the 70's and love purple, I also like colourful rooms, we have cushions every where, Kev is very good, he hates them.

This was stitched by me a few years ago, it lives on our bed, not my normal stitching but I do love the colours, it feels like a very fine fabric.
I love gem stones, this is part of my collection, I have just put them in my glass pot, I love the textures and the colours, rough or smooth, I love them.
It's another very cold day here, it has tried to snow for the past couple of days, but not enough to get us worried.  We had our water/heating boiler serviced last week, the radiators are much hotter, which is good, but we are having problems with the water now, warm showers are not great on cold mornings.

Nothing planned, just a day at home.


  1. Love your purple in the bedroom. I always have wished I was a bright color person, but, alas, I am not,

    But I so appreciate them, and wear them quite often.

  2. That was a very nice visit with you this time around!

  3. GM is looking tremendous, it does look so different stitched in white.

    I love the stitched cushion, the colours are devine.

  4. Love the purple bedroom. Your sewing as always is lovely :) great office and is that the summer retreat from DHE I've spotted ?



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