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Saturday, 28 July 2012

Little fish

 Firstly, we stayed up to watch the opening of the 2012 Olympics, which was fantastic, you can see more at the BBC News well worth a visit for the 6 minute video, I think the lighting of the torch by 7 up and coming athletes, and the torch itself was the best. But with James Bond and Mr Bean, our music,       it was all very British. 
We are a proud nation this morning.
 I am knitting little fish, I have done three so far and will make loads more, it's not what I brought the wool for, but it is fun and simple to knit. I have added an eye to one fish, the photo does not show it very well.
 I was asked to take part in Seaside Yarnscape, which sounds loads of fun.
 If you click on these photo's they should become large enough for you to read, on the above part of the form, they ask for fishes to be sent from all over the world, so grab some yarn and needles if you want to be part of some summer fun, I hope to visit the display once it's up, the closing date is 1st October.
Annette has finished Tribal Penguin, if you want to see her finished penguin or want a chance to stitch him, pop here and leave a comment, it will be great for  him to travel all over.

We are having a weekend at home, I have loads of house work to do, but with all the sport and the sun shine, I really am not in the mood to clean, not done much stitching this week, it's been a busy time.

I hope you have fun this weekend, it's full of laughter, family and sun shine.


  1. Do you know if they will accept crochet fish? I would LOVE to be a part of the Seaside Yarnscape.

    Now, on to the video. I think my favorite parts were . . . the industrial revolution workers coming out of the hill and the lighted torch rising up.

  2. such cute fishes! I may have to look into making a couple.



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