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Tuesday, 10 July 2012

A new start

Tree of life, its a start, I do love these colours, this is the ground at the bottom of the tree, because I am using a linen with a higher DPI, I'm not sure what size this will finish as, so I started at the bottom in an effort to not waste too much linen.

It's still raining here, so I plan to stitch tonight, oh for sun shine two days in a row, this is our 4th day of rain, and I mean rain all day, not as bad as else where in the country, but loads of rain.
 Sunday afternoon we managed a small walk, the tide was in so above is looking towards Portsmouth, I love all the little boats. Below another view of Portchester Castle, we did get home before the rain came back.
Hope your week is going well, I'm off to stitch.


  1. Lovely start on Tree of Life.
    Rain, rain and more rain here too....

  2. Lovely start, we have rain too!

  3. What a wonderful new start I love autumn colours!!!

  4. Hello Marlene,
    Love the pics. Love the rain!Tree of life is going to be so pretty when you finish.
    Head over to my blog I tagged you!
    Many hugs, conny



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