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Wednesday, 25 July 2012

What a difference

 Sweet flowers is done for this month, I am pleased again with the pattern, and the changes I have made.

 I have done very little to Tree of Life, but don't you love the shades in this work, I was hoping to have done more, but with the heat wave we are having it's too hot to do anything.
 This is the view across the water, just 10 minutes from our house, last night we went for a walk, it was great just as the evening was cooler, it's still hot, but after all the rain we have had it has been great to have a week of sun shine, today was the hottest day this year, and we have more planned.
The Olympics start on Friday, we are staying home to watch the opening show, having a BBQ in the garden, just hubby and I, both our daughters are working that evening. Josh and Sammy are both unwell, so they are staying inside, I hope to see them over the weekend, I have missed my cuddles.

Work is good, I think I was missed whilst I was away, the office was very busy. every one is happy with the sun shine, we have lawns at the side and back of our building, so we can sit outside at lunch break.

Kev and I are walking much more, which will help move the couple of extra pounds we gained whilst in Cornwall.

I have been looking at all 200+ photo's from the Eden Project, I hope to be able to choose a few for my next blog.
Enjoy the sun shine, we have waited long enough for it.


  1. Hello

    Just found your blog.
    Your Cornwall photos are great,
    Sweet Flowers looks beautiful.

  2. Lovely stitching, it was so lovely to have some sunshine for a few days.



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