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Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Double stitching - TUSAL

 I've done some more on Tree of Life, the first branch is coming along, it has so many shades it is stunning. The next stage of Sweet flowers has been released, so I have swapped back to stitching that, the long panel should be all in grey, but I stitched the centre in pink, it looks very pretty, you can see a green smudge around the leaf, I did loads of unpicking last night, I should not start an new bit whilst watching a film!
 This is at the back of my sitting room, in front of the patio doors, my cats love it here, Purdy should be in the basket with Grace, they lie here and watch the rain.
So far we have had loads of fun, Saturday in the Space room with Josh for his party, loads of kids running around in a very large padded play room, perfect! and even a under 4's room for Sammy.
Sunday in town watching the torch, we had a man arrested for just wearing a mankini! each evening our local news follows the progress of the torch, great fun in the whole area. Yesterday Fliss and Sammy here for the day, it was great to catch up with Fliss, Sammy played with all the toys and gave us loads of chatter time.

Today I'm off for check ups in the hospital, I have to shop, need just one colour for Sweet Flowers, and Tomorrow we head for Cornwall..................
PS it's not raining !
TUSAL - I'm away on Thursday


  1. Luscious colors in both stitching samples.

  2. Die Stickerei mit den pinken Blumen gefällt mir sehr gut.
    Deine Katzen haben es ja sehr gemütlich.
    LG Grit

  3. Your two WIPs are looking wonderful. I hope the frogs stay away!

  4. Beautiful stitching. I hope all goes well for your checkup and you have a lovely time away - we've still got rain, typing this in a thunderstorm!



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