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Friday, 25 November 2011

TUSAL November

 Hefie has been watching my ORT jars
The girls are moving in, they are looking for a winter spot, my ort are mainly pink and mustard, reflecting the colours of my romantic sampler, Mollie has flattened them, the pot was looking rather full, but she has made a nest, I did notice the herd was moving toward the pots.

 Not done as much stitching as I wanted to, busy week, but I plan time this weekend to do stitching,
 I noticed these in my garden yesterday, wild strawberries in late November, I'm not picking them, I notice one had been nibbled so something is having a meal, so they can have a feast on them.
I'm working today, meeting Su for lunch, and then this evening off to the pub with friends. We have nothing planned for this weekend, the last couple have been busy, so a slower stay at home one is on the cards.

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