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Tuesday, 8 November 2011

123 456 7 8 9

 I can count, you can see I can count, so why did I spend most of the weekend with the frog, in two places I stitched just one row out, and in this pattern there is no room for error. So three steps forward one step back! so not much progress to see.
 This is what met me last night when I got in from work, hubby had been busy.
 A romantic meal for two, and an evening with friends, 
yep yesterday was my birthday, 
and Kev made a big effort, the meal was perfect.    
and flowers.
 Loads of different types, spiky and strange in the most beautiful way,

I had a perfect day, work was fun, ate cakes all day, lunch with Su my daughter. Tonight we are popping in to see Fliss and the boys, daddy is away, I really hope Josh is feeling better, he has had a sickness bug.

We are going out for a meal on Saturday, followed on Sunday watching Josh march in the remembrance parade with his Beaver pack, then late lunch at ours.


  1. Happy Birthday! The flowers are beautiful and how thoughtful of your hubby to make a romantic dinner.

  2. What a wonderful husband! I'm sure you deserve the attention. A belated Happy Birthday to you. Gill x



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