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Friday, 4 November 2011

Flowers and our boys

 I have done more stitching, and loving the patterns, but at the top I had to remove loads of the pale stitching, not sure what happened, but it was all in the wrong place. Once I have restitched this is the pale mustard, I then over stitch in pink, will look like lace.
 Josh is now a Beaver, youngest pack in the scouting family.
Here he is enrolling into the pack, Josh loves baseball caps, so he was very pleased with this one, but we are going to have to get him to practice his salute, it's great to see him start his participation with the scouting movement, best place for boys to grow up.

 Sammy came to, bring some of his Tellietubbies, the day after this photo, he came down with chicken pox, so he is now covered with spots, poor lad.
We are planning a weekend at home, we have a new family member arriving today, a young female cat, she is white and black, about a year old, not sure about anything else, she was a stray and needed a home, so we will stay near the house to help her into her new life.

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