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Sunday, 13 November 2011

All mixed up

 Our garden is looking good, ready for the winter, 
the leave are late dropping from the magnolia tree, I pick up a hand full each morning.

Not done much on the sampler, just finishing the top stitching, which makes 2 sections done

 Purdy has found her spot sat on the back dining room chair, she lays there and watches us, she has started using the cat flap if we prop it open, but she is a house cat by her own choice.

The parade was good, Josh when he marched past us was on the other side of the road, so we did not get a good photo, but you can see all the Beavers in their blue tops in this photo, they were placed right at the front, and had the best view.

 Josh, mummy and Nana, after every thing was over, just on our way home for a hot drink.

I am busy baking, and Kev is cooking a roast dinner, we have both daughters, hubbies and the boys over for a late lunch, should be fun, probably far to much food, so left overs again tomorrow.

I've not done much stitching, yesterday we ended up going to town and Christmas present shopping, most of mine is now done, we were going out for a meal later but decided to stay at home with a chinise meal. This evening Kev is away with work, so I have a friend popping in to catch up.

Busy weekend but loads of fun

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