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Saturday, 19 November 2011


 I finished another lace panel this week, 
I do love the colour of this thread, 
I called it beige last time, but it's a soft mustard.
I also over stitched the 1st panel with the pale pink

 And started another long lace panel, the pattern is a repeat, so it's easy once you get going, my only problem is ensuring I am counting correctly, my last photo is not so good, the light this morning is not great. I am loving to stitch this, I have done similar things using limited colours.Click on the photo's for a better look.
 This is our spare bedroom at the moment, full of presents for Christmas, I am hoping to wrap them tomorrow, but even then they will have to stay on the bed until our tree goes up. It's going to be messy in there for a few weeks.
Today is sunny, I have been working in the garden this morning, picking up leaves and trimming away the last of my summer plants. I have shoots in all my tubs of the spring bulbs I planted last month, but as soon as the weather turns cold they will disappear. It is still much warmer here, but the temperature is beginning to drop.

This afternoon I want to make my Christmas cards, I am very late this year,I also have to make the invitations to our new years party. Su is popping in, she has cards to make so we can work together.

Now I'm off to eat home made soup, perfect....enjoy your weekend.

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  1. Your extra bed looks like the pile in my bedroom! I have the paper, presents, and boxes - now I need time! My tree is up next weekend and decorating always takes about two days! Sigh...



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