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Tuesday, 22 November 2011

A big jump

 At the weekend I started this big length of lace, and last night I got it finished, it's another pretty section, I sit and stitch with a smile on my face, whilst working this, and as I have said before, each panel is worked on a repeat pattern, so I don't have to sit balancing the pattern on my lap, which is good cos Grace likes to sit on my lap whilst I am stitching.
A very busy day in the office today, but Kev met me from work on the bike and we took the quick route home, funny I did not feel at all cold on the bike, it was such good fun.

I will do more stitching tonight, I should wrap my Christmas presents, but I prefer to stitch. Tomorrow Su is meeting me for lunch, not sure if we are shopping or eating, I prefer we shop, but we can decide tomorrow.

I have started back on my diet, totally the wrong time of year, but the weight I lost in the summer is creeping back on. I have spent too much time feeling sorry for myself, time to pull myself together and sort myself out, if I have to wait for my final operation until next year, I can use the time to lose weight and get trim, went for a walk in my lunch break, much better than sitting in the staff room.

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