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Monday, 28 November 2011

Do you see..........what I see

 This is Purdy's favourite spot inside in the warm, watching the garden
She now uses the cat flap, going in and out, so she is as free as she wants to be, in the evenings she sits with us, she is a mouser, caught her spoils already.

 I had a good weekend stitching, done a few more patterns, the four flowers was a bit harder, alot of space between them, loads of counting and a bit of unpicking!
 I have started the second big lace panel, the square left empty is for the centre flower, I'm leaving that for now, want to see how things progress, might do something different here. Below pattern so far, it's looking good, nice and vintage.
Busy weekend, we went out for a meal on Saturday night with Su, Gav and Shannon, Sunday Kev went on an all day bike ride with friends, so I spent loads of time with Fliss, Josh and Sammy, it was great to catch up and chatter. Josh is getting very excited with Christmas coming, and Sammy is just so cute.

I have finished my Christmas shopping, still have to wrap it all, but I think I will wait until the tree is up.


  1. I can see a vintage/victorian/calligra[hy initial in the middle section . . can't you. It looks SO NICE



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